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Solar panels without high upfront investment and quick turnaround time

Completely paid off within 3 to 4 years and no change to your financial situation

One single point of contact, no paperwork, excellent support

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A solar panel system is a long term investment and the process for its installation and connection to the Elmar grid can be complicated. Mister Green is here to help, with residential and commercial projects.

We have a good relationship with both Elmar and DTI and know how to optimize this difficult process. The faster your solar system is connected to the Elmar grid, the faster you start saving money.

Our experience enables us to offer you a solar system with the best value for money. We pride ourselves on being a full service company that helps to secure your financing, install your system and takes care of all the required paperwork. And always just one point of contact for all your questions before, during and after installation of your solar system while providing the best service on Aruba.

We can also partly finance your solar panel system. The money you save with your new solar panel installation is comparable to the monthly amount you pay to Mister Green. Your current financial situation does not change!

The solar panel system is completely paid off within 3 to 4 years. You will save money on your electricity bill for at least another 15 years.

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Return on investment within 3 to 4 years, save money for at least 25 years

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    We have installed solar panel systems at AMC Unicon Dakota, AMC Unicon San Nicolas, AMC Unicon Mega Store, YMCA Dakota, YMCA San Nicolas, ISS, IMC Trust, Arubiana Inn, Cadushi Apartments, Pre-Care Clinic and over 400 residential customers.