Mister Green

Mister Green was founded in Aruba in 2016, and we have installed over 1.000 solar panels on Aruba since. We are the only company in Aruba that is fully focussed on our customers with just one thing in mind; how can you start saving money as soon as possible and how can we make the transition to sustainable energy as easy as possible.

Mister Green helps you choose the rights products for now and the future, assists you with the financing against very compatible rates, helps you with all the required documentation and strives towards a very time efficient process. Time is a crucial factor because the faster we have your solar panels up and running and connected to the Elmar grid, the sooner you start saving money.

No hassle with complicated documents, no stress, you don’t have to meet with the many different companies and governmental organizations involved. We take care of everything!

Mister Green offers the best available products with the latest technologies for the best prices.

Mr Green stands by your side from the first moment of contact and will keep in contact after everything is installed. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service!

We help you start saving money and improve the environment!